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"SXTC is a leader and pioneer in the unique combination of operational, front-line marketing and brand building... Offline and Digital. For large and small business."

Brand Marketing... Fuel To Create A Fire...

Marketing involves the Strategic and Operational use of ALL 6P and media tools to Efficiently propagate a brand, its identity, and its messages. The result: to build two-way, brand-centric relationships that result in brand preference and choice—creating continuous, long-term purchase of the brand’s products and services.  And generation of brand equity.


Offline, Online, social media, sales channels, strategic pricing, product innovation, store design, consumer Insight, and strategic market planning.  These are the tools of modern Marketing, but they also require at their core a powerful brand.  Marketing is powerless without Brand, and Brand goes nowhere without powerful Marketing.  The relationship between the two is infinitely complex, and success requires expert experience and knowledge of both—individually and in concert with one another.  And best-practice quantitative and strategic prowess.


SXTC has some of the world’s leading Brand Marketing experts (front-line Brand Directors and Brand Managers that have managed brands globally—Offline and Digitally). And has years of battle-proven experience in taking brands to their Next-Level Marketing-wise.  From campaign creation to planning to brand management and evolution, SXTC's marketing teams lead the industry. Our clients big and small see record performance levels-- BOTH Offline and Digitally.

Strategic Marketing Planning

Operational Marketing Planning

Marketing Situation Analysis

Key Driver Analysis

Market Segmentation & Analysis

Market Scoping & Insight

Target Selection

Marketing Audits

Brand & Product Launching

Campaigns & Communications

Complex Media Analysis

Media Planning (Off & Online)

Media Strategy & Usage  

Marketing-Brand Synergistics

Marketing Budget Planning

Brand Management

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World-leading Marketing from SXTC. Let us take your brand to its next level.

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