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SXTC are leading digital and online brand consultants,  digital brand  identity experts, and a digital brand  identity agency for 2 decades.  Being digital brand identity  Experts with over 5000  client projects across hundreds of brands, we are beyond most other digital brand  identity consultants and digital brand identity agencies.  Our global best-selling books on digital and online brand  identity also make us unique as online brand identity experts and amongst digital brand identity agencies.  And as a digital brand identity agency as a whole--both locally and globally.



"The Digital Brand Revolution began 2 decades ago—and SXTC was there. Today, we are still at the leading-edge of Digital & E-commerce for small and large firms..."

Brands now must own the online sphere where competition is much more fierce and faster-moving than traditional media.  A world of cut-throat pricing, instant product launches and social media warfare that reaches audiences in seconds, globally.  With the technology and vehicles evolving every minute, so do the opportunities--and the risks.


SXTC has been an Internet Pioneer & Innovator for over a decade. With our global team of over 150 Digital specialists and formidable client engagements ranging from small/local start-up brands to multinational corporations, SXTC is a leader in the digital landscape. From SEM(SEO & Paid) and multi point Attribution-based campaigns to full Design & Ecommerce Development, Digital Branding and Marketing are second nature to us.


SXTC offers a special vantage point on Digital Marketing: combining decades of traditional brand and marketing leadership with cutting-edge, online/Ecommerce experience that transform brands into winners.  From Global Attribute Marketing SEM campaigns to RTB to Website, E-commerce & Content Management Development to User Experience to fully-integrated Brand Building, SXTC offers industry-leading services that will take your brand to new heights Digitally.

SXTC offers the power and expertise of over 2 decades of industry-leading traditional brand and marketing experience with a decade of Digital & Online excellence.

Next-Generation Digital Brand Building, Ecommerce and Marketing.

Let SXTC take your brand marketing and business success to the "next level" Online.

Digital Transformation


Online Brand Strategy & Identity

Online Brand Collateral

Websites & Ecomm Design & Development

Digital-Offline Integration

HTML, CSS, Platform Development

eCommerce and CMS Development

Strategic Content Management

UX, IA, User Journey

    Global SEM (SEO & PPC) Campaigns

RTB, Programmatic, Attribution Modeling

Social Media Strategy & Build

Analytics & Key Driver Analysis

Full Digital Media Planning & Strategy

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