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a. Nation of China: Brand strategy advisement to the government on how to develop China's top 100 brands for global competition.


b. Great Britain: worked on establishing a brand strategy to re-position Britain in Asia – esp. certain Asian countries. This involved working with the Prime Minister’s and the Foreign Office, the Department of Trade and Industry, the British Council, Arts Boards, and private sector companies with the aim of developing the new brand positioning and achieving consistency in the execution of the brand strategy. A new logo and tagline were developed to represent the new brand values, and these were used by all public and private sector organizations. Results were outstanding in terms of both inter-country relationships and improvements in trade figures. We are currently working with the government to re-position the UK in Japan.


c. New Zealand: Foreign Office and Trade Commission: The commissioning of a new brand strategy/positioning for the New Zealand government in Asia, similar to the above, including logo design. Again, the work was carried out with government and private sector involvement, to establish commitment and consistency of execution.


d. Canada: Invited by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and the Canadian government to speak at the Asia Pacific Summit in Vancouver, 2000, to government and the private sector on the re-positioning of Canada in the Asia-Pacific region. Asked to write a strategic paper for the Canadian government on how Canada could change its brand image in Asia-Pacific. In particular, the focus was on the perception changes necessary for Canada to be seen as a source of advanced technology.


e. Malaysia: Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board: Worldwide research (with special focus on twelve target audiences) on tourist perceptions of the country versus other Asian competitors. The research phase was used to develop a series of brand strategy options for re-positioning Malaysia and for tourism development across multinational markets. This substantial piece of work involved examining all Malaysian Government national objectives in relation to the global image problems being experienced by the nation as a whole.


f. Emirate of Dubai: Working with the UAE's nation's and Emirate`s leadership on every aspect of generating, building, managing, and evolving the worldwide identity and brand for this economic powerhouse, and helping it leverage them across economic, investment, tourism, media, governmental, and international political aspects.


g. Malaysia: Ministry of Finance: Created brand names, brand architecture and strategies for a new range of offshore financial services products. This involved global analysis of competitive products, target customer group analysis, brand personality and positioning strategies for each product to match target segments, plus logo and tagline design and supervision of collateral



h. Malaysia: MIMOS - Malaysian R&D Information Technology Institute funded by Government. Creation of new branding/positioning, brand strategy workshops, and brand guardianship assistance.


i. Singapore: IDA (Info-Communications Development Agency – government infocommunication regulator): Global positioning strategy and advisement to establish the framework for the Singapore government’s worldwide positioning in Info-communications. Key messages for different global audiences were formulated. SXTC sits on an advisory board of IDA to assist top CEO’s and info-comms. companies develop global businesses. SXTC are the brand advisor.


j. Singapore: Jurong Town Corporation: JTC is the Singapore government agency that has responsibility for managing all Singapore industrial land and relationships with international and local companies; it develops innovative solutions to the requirements of high technology companies in particular. Among its subsidiaries is Jurong Port. A substantial re-positioning exercise was carried out for the group and subsidiaries, lasting over one year. This was a project very similar to that carried out for Singapore Telecoms described in the Private engagements section.


k. Singapore: National Trade Union Congress: We developed a master brand strategy to provide direction and focus for NTIC headquarters, trade unions, retail and other co-operatives. This is an on-going comprehensive branding project looking at all aspects of strategy, marketing, architecture, execution, and brand management.


l. Nation of New Zealand: Worked with government and the private sector to develop a new brand strategy globally.


m. Nation of Singapore: Info-Communications Development Agency: Global positioning strategy development.


n. Government of the EU: Advising on general brand, brand management and marketing issues for the European Union Government in Brussels.


o. Nation of Oman: Developed brand identity and strategy, as well as carried-out brand training workshops for all levels of government, public service agencies, and government providers for this GCC nation.


p. USA: Developed brand and marketing strategy and programs (including CEO Leadership circle groups) for Midwest America (St. Louis RCGA).  The organization represents over 5000 US companies and Fortune 500 corporations locally, nationally and globally as well as regional business interests to Washington and the White House.  

A few examples of Government-related assignments undertaken.

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